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Huge Variety of Fabric Options

We offer a wide range of fabric options to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your furniture.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I contacted Nesco Upholstery in July 2020. The representative came to my house with samples of fabric and helped with an informed decision. They were very cooperative with me as I was having work done on my house, and when they delivered, it was well worth the wait! The workmanship is without fault! The living room furniture looks great and blends in perfectly with the decor. The technicians were knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. I highly recommend Nesco Upholstery.

Savi Batchoo

Nesco Upholstery

Convenience of Shipping Fabric Samples

We understand that it can be challenging to choose the perfect fabric without seeing it in person. That's why we offer the convenience of shipping fabric samples to your home.


Had a sofa from the 1860s badly in need of new upholstery and fabric. A rep came very quickly to the house with sample fabrics and gave me a price. I specifically wanted a firm cushion- horsehair was what was originally used- and that is what we used. It is perfect!!!! I will now, piece by piece, redo other antique chairs. I am delighted to have found this company.

J. Allison Crockett

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