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  • About Nesco Upholstery

About Nesco Upholstery

Nesco Upholstery is a leading provider of quality custom upholstery work. As professional upholsterers in Brooklyn, we help people preserve the furniture they love by providing expert solutions and superior customer service. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable upholsterers, we offer a wide range of services, including commercial and residential upholstery, bedding and pillows, furniture refinishing, custom window treatments, and custom furniture

Baruch Zelikovitz, Owner of Nesco Upholstery, has over 20 years of experience in the upholstery industry. He started as a furniture salesman and quickly discovered his passion for helping people preserve the furniture they love. Throughout his career, Baruch has achieved many successes and has built a reputation as an expert. His dedication to providing expert solutions and superior customer service has led Nesco Upholstery to become one of the leading providers of quality custom upholstery work in the Brooklyn and NYC area. Outside of work, Baruch enjoys studying and expanding his knowledge and staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

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