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Common Mistakes Made in Upholstery And Design

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For homeowners, the practice of restoring furniture is gaining momentum as it can transform a home from an ordinary space into a luxurious one. Even though upholstery can make any home look good, to reach the finished product is a challenge.

However, by enlisting a dedicated upholstery and design company to perform a systematic job, you can avoid wasting time and money. If you’re determined to liven up your home by going down the DIY route, Nesco Upholstery And Design is here to help.

To help you avoid a couple of errors that could prove to be costly and make the entire process smoother, here’s a list of the four most common mistakes people make when upholstering and designing their home.

1. Choosing the wrong fabric. This is a common pitfall for a novice upholstery project. Before picking a piece of fabric, there are several factors to consider such as your lifestyle, type of audience using the piece, placement, durability, color scheme, lighting, and so on. This will give you some direction on the kind of material you can choose.

2. Compromising on quality to save costs. A common mistake is to base a decision only on price. It is important to be economical, but in some cases, it is not a viable option. A low-quality, budget fabric could easily change color or become fluffy within a few years, and the cost for a new one may be much higher. Always look at upholstering your furniture as a long-term investment.  

3. Rushing the upholstery company into finishing their job. Restoring furniture is a gradual, slow process. You may have already envisioned the next stage of comfortably using it but putting pressure on the company to speed up the process will only lead to more faults. Avoid amateur upholstery companies who fail to correct their mistakes and are just looking to finish their job.  

4. Falling victim to new trends. In an attempt to stay updated with the latest home décor trends, you style your home with unwanted, over-the-top items. A better solution is to avoid replacing your old, good quality furniture and instead, reupholster it into a timeless décor piece which suits your style and makes your home elegant.

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