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Frequently Asked Questions About Reupholstery and Nesco Upholstery & Design

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There’s no better feeling than sinking into a soft armchair or stretching out on the comfort of your couch, however, picking the right furniture or refurbishing existing furniture leaves clients with more questions than answers. To ensure that you have the most accurate information needed, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about reupholstery with Nesco Upholstery & Design.

1. Is reupholstery worth it?

If you are dealing with good quality furniture then yes, reupholstery is totally worth it.

2. Will it look like new?

No, it will look better than new. The reason being we will customize it and not manufacture.

3. How long will reupholstery take?

On average, reupholstery will take between three to four weeks. It could be quicker, but for a good quality item, the wait is worth it.

4. What is the price of reupholstery?

There is no blanket answer to this question as each piece of furniture is different. Costs are based on the structure of the furniture.

5. Do you make custom furniture?

Yes, just give us the sketch, and we will do.

If you have any more questions about custom-made furniture or refurbishment, get in touch with the experts at Nesco Upholstery & Design. Offering the best custom upholstery services in Brooklyn, NYC, we can completely transform a room and play a key part in the interior design process. Whether you start with a simple chair reupholstery or sofa reupholstery or do a complete renovation including flooring, window treatment, bedding and pillows, and wall upholstery, our upholsterers will meet your needs. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here.