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Crypton Fabric Now Available At Nesco Upholstery And Design

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If you’re on the lookout for durable upholstery that looks and feels good, you’re not alone. As new furniture and upholstery can cost a significant sum of money, most people plan to invest in products that are comfortable but also resilient.

To meet the rising demand for long-lasting furniture, modern technology has developed Crypton fabric, one of the smartest materials you’ll ever come across. This intelligent fabric is designed to resist stains, bead liquids, and reject odors and bacteria. These resilient features enable it to stand the test of time and allow you the freedom to live without compromise.

The term Crypton refers to the patented technology used to treat fabric to prevent it from becoming stained and to resist and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Today, Crypton fabric is commonly used in the upholstery industry and is very popular in hotels and on cruise ships as their furniture is used by a vast number of people, making them more prone to spills, stains, and wear.

While Crypton fabrics are a big deal in the hotel industry, they can be used for residential and commercial purposes too. Crypton’s technology repels and resists liquids, even oil-based spills. Similarly, it is odor resistant, which means it prevents odors from lingering or spreading deep into the furniture.

When you test Crypton upholstery for comfort, don’t let the softness fool you, as Crypton’s durability is unmatched. The stain repellency and soil release features of Crypton technology make it quick and easy to clean this fabric. 

If you’re interested in Crypton fabric upholstery, reach out to Nesco Upholstery and Design. We stock a wide variety of Crypton fabrics and sell them within an affordable range of 40$ to 80$ per yard. Moreover, if you choose to purchase our Crypton fabric, you can enjoy our shop at home service for free. To book a consultation with our staff, give us a call at (718) 927-4492 or email us at

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