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How COVID-19 Has Changed Nesco Upholstery

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While the pandemic has been difficult for most companies, we found that it had a harsh financial impact on our company in particular as well. While we generally gather sales through in-person visits and meeting clients in their homes, the purchasing of fabrics and upholsteries also means clients have to be open to having us in their houses. Since the onset of the pandemic, most customers do not want the sales rep to come to their homes. Furthermore, most people preferred staying indoors because of the pandemic and are also afraid of visiting the store.

As we managed to work well at the store and sales were not the best because of the pandemic, we are considering moving our upholstery store to an online platform. We are planning on opening an online fabric store, so customers will be able to select from a wider range of fabrics online. Based on their choices, we are planning on sending them samples to their houses through the postal network so they can make a more informed decision.

As we work with upholstery and design, we could not handle our work remotely and it has to be done from our office space. As there were so many people getting sick and losing their lives, around the world, it was difficult connecting with clients in person as they were afraid of visiting the store. We were open to meeting in person, on the off chance that they preferred coming to the store, however, we had them book appointments in advance. On the rare occasion that we had a random walk in and no other conflicting item scheduled, we were happy to entertain and assist in every way we could. We follow these rules and the right protocols, with our priority of keeping everyone safe throughout the process. Furthermore, we also plan on keeping the right number of people in the store. We advise everyone to wear masks, use sanitizers, and maintain social distance as much as possible.

We were sure not to change the way we worked, the amount of time that we spend in the office, nor our working hours. As mentioned earlier, we currently handle most of our work in person, so do not use any platforms to remote work. However, we are planning on using our website to assist our customers through the pandemic so they can make choices about the fabrics they want to purchase without putting themselves at risk.

While some of our clients might not be open to coming to office, there are a few of them who are and we are always happy to assist them. Additionally, there are challenges with meeting our clients away from the office as we might not have all the fabrics needed or all the options, but if that is what our clients are looking for, and it makes them feel safer about meeting us, we are more than happy to comply.

Most brick and mortar stores are going through a tough time financially as most people are not looking to venture out of their houses. One of the main reasons we were planning on building our online presence is to assist people with the process of finding us and then directing them to the store if they need more information or want to finalize on the fabric they are looking for.

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