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How Nesco Upholstery And Design Helped A Client Customize A Banquette

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At Nesco Upholstery And Design, we specialize in rendering upholstery/ re-upholstery solutions for residential and commercial businesses, which include hospitality, medical, and educational clients. To create beautiful custom upholstered furniture, we use our creative eye and pay meticulous attention to detail.

We also strive to solve challenges for clients by pushing the envelope. Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a client customize a banquette.

The Challenge: The client needed tailored furniture for a restaurant.

We had a client that came to us to create an upholstered bench against a wall, better known as a custom banquette. It was for a steakhouse they would be launching soon. 

They weren't working with a designer, so they relied on our team to help them with everything. When we usually do custom furniture, we work with designers or manufacturers, and they send us the sketches and specs. However, this time around, we had to think outside the box. 

The Solution: Uses software to aid the design process.

We used to make hand-drawn sketches for projects like this one, but we felt it was time to upgrade and learn how to render computerized versions. Firstly, we had to figure out which software to choose and how to use it. We then showcased numerous fabric samples with different colors, patterns, and textures. In the end, we found the perfect swatch that matched the client's vision.

The Bottom Line

Once we completed the drawing and had a stylish material selected, we rushed through production to complete the piece in time for the grand opening. The evening was a resounding success, and the client was elated with the outcome. Mind you, we still have much to learn on the technological front, but we felt we did great for our first time. 

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